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ogród oranżeria ptactwo zadaszony grill miejsce na ognisko Widok z góry Leskowiec

One of our prominent attractions is the roofed swimmingpool, available from May to October, and can be used regardless of weather conditions. The pool is enclosew with rocky elements and lush greenery, thus giving it a pleasant exotic character. Our guests are also free to use the sauna.

The terrain around the lodging house is used for sunbathing, relax, and playing volleyball or badminton. We have a conservatory for barberuing and feasting.

We keep a number of pets the children can feed and observe such as rabbits and birds. There is also a pond where you can catch a rainbow trout for dinner.

Next to the house are attractions for children, trampoline, playground, sandbox, paddling pool, playhouse and lots of free space.

Possibly the most appealing facet of the region is its mountainous, forested nature, the area is great for strolling through the woods, pick mushrooms or take the track to Leskowiec (922 m above sea level). During winter the lodge is a good ski base, as there are many ski lifts, Czarny Groń (32km) in Rzyki, Szklana Góra (27 km) in Harbutowice or Mosorny Groń (42 km) in Zawoja. We can also arrange for a sleigh ride for our guests.

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